Based Money ($BASED)

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Market Cap:
Rank #7


Market Cap
24h Low / 24h High
Fully Diluted Valuation
Price Peg
$1 sUSD
24 Hour Trading Vol
Circulating Supply
696,254 / 715,657
Max Supply
Next Rebase

Based Money Chart
Rebase Function:
The BASED protocolís rebase function queries a Uniswap v2 oracle to compare the price of $BASED to $sUSD. This function cannot execute more than once every 24 hours.
If the price difference between $sUSD and $BASED is more than 5% in either direction, this triggers a rebase event.
Above the 5% threshold, the supply expands.
Below the 5% threshold, the supply contracts.
When a rebase event is triggered, $BASED supply for all holders is adjusted smoothly over a ten-day period in an attempt to meet the targeted value of 1 $BASED to 1 $sUSD.
For all accounts that own $BASED tokens, a rebasing can either result in an increase or decrease in their balance of $BASED.
After a minimum of 24 hours, if the $BASED:$sUSD price is still not within the 5% target boundary, a rebase opportunity again becomes available.
For example, if the price of $BASED is $1.20 sUSD on Tuesday night and the price of $BASED is worth $1.15 in $sUSD on Wednesday night, then the rebase event can restart.

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